New Airfit?

This is confirmed information. Airfit Jell is officially discontinued. What this actually means? A lot of very popular midifications like Buster Cyl, Vicgotgame mod, Aircomssa is going to be very hard to get, and will be very expensive. Is there a solution? Don’t panic, there is new Airfit 500 Mechanical Pencil.

airfit500To the left – old Airfit Gel, to the right – new Airfit 500 MP.

When first I got this pencil I was surprised that the tip of it is so simillar to the old Airfit Jell. Main reason, becouse of weight – both are 3,5 grams. New Airfit Tip is in a different shape – a bit thinner, and expands on the end. Diameter of base is 0,05 narrower than old Airfit Tip, what is nothing. Becouse it is mechanical pencil in screw part there is less space than in previous version, but this makes no difference only if you screw tip on something. (In buster cyl, you don’t have to).

airfit500_2I thin that this alternative is worth of considering to buy.
Of course there is Ballpoint version of this tip. I will review it as soon as I get it.
Soon at Pens Factory.

Carioca Superwashable

Carioca Superwashable is ideal substitute as clear Miffy and Mellanie. Marker used as white body in Dr. KT and Dr. CT. You can just take out ink and put inside favourite insert. Spinning space between caps is the same as in normal Dr. CT, DR. MM.carioca2 carioca carioca3Now available in Pens Factory pen spinning shop.